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Live acquisition.  Cinematography.  Drone.

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Single and multi-camera live video services in full HD.  Record or project live video shot with up to 6 cameras, with the option to record every angle independently.  Match your video with multi-track audio recording of up to 48 discreet channels.


Business promos, interviews, TV commercials and more.  Shot in 4K with a high-end DSLR for maximum picture quality, our cinematography services bring an edge to your video few of our competitors can match. 


New for 2018, Spiritborne now offers aerial video services for any need.  We are fully ensured and Part 107 certified.  Unlike the average drone pilot, ours has over 20 years of experience as a videographer, and the results speak for themselves.  With Spiritborne Drone Services, the sky is no longer the limit.

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